What do you currently think about money? Often when you speak with a lot of people they are unsure, confused, in debt and overwhelmed about the topic.

If this sounds like you, as a community we're here to help you understand and get clear on what your "Money Glee" is!

To be clear Money Glee is about being happy on where your money is being assigned. What you do with your money affects most parts of your life including relationships, employment, communication and many more. Each person is likely to have their own money glee and we're here to help you on that journey.

Examples of your money glee could include:

  • Taking a round the world holiday with your friends, family or by yourself
  • Buying your first car
  • Helping your family pay for education
  • Spending more time with family
  • Giving back to the community

The beauty about the money glee movement (MGM) is that it's really up to and uniquely about you and generally we will avoid talking about financial products, it's got to be about you and your money goals.