Thought piece Thursday #2 - The "traditional" career

Here at Money Glee, we like to help you question the traditional or unpack topics that are likely to affect your everyday lives oh and have some fun doing it. Before looking at your career look at a perspective on the future of education.

It's important to note that the career is not only changing but it has changed! This is a good thing if you can understand how it is likely to impact you and can then be used to your advantage. They say that the only constant is change and this is particularly true in today's marketplace.

The world of work and a "career" is changing due to factors like technology

The world of work and a "career" is changing due to factors like technology

Why the traditional career is changing

The career is changing for the following reasons:

  • Outsourcing of tasks traditionally performed in developed countries
  • Technology growth and technological disruptions - Think of your Facebook's, Snapchat's, Periscope, Uber's
  • The way in which we are being educated - Due to it being easier to learn a skill or gain a piece of knowledge, those who learn the necessary and "valuable" skills get ahead
  • Changing of the economic model - There is movement towards a freelance, entrepreneur type of employment model and a movement away from working for a company
  • Lifestyle preferences - Rather than looking at upwards of 80 hour works in some instances people are recognising the importance of spending time with friends, family and away from the office

While the traditional company based career is not "dead" it is and will continue to evolve over the coming years and decades.

What the changing of the traditional career means for you

The quote is with great change comes great opportunity right? Possibly not however what it means is:

  • You need to understand that what you have learned in high school / college / university may no longer be relevant
  • With increased global competitiveness, companies are going to expect more from their employees
  • New industry sectors will be more popular. Aged career for example is likely to be a growing sector due to demographic shifts (older people with few children to look after them)
  • Technology has meant that it is now easier to start your own gig. Per point 2 though, this can mean more competition
  • Opportunities to escape the corporate cubicle. This may not be for everyone and the majority are built and hard-wired to work for others.
To a greater extent you can craft your own career

To a greater extent you can craft your own career

What can you do to take advantage of the changes in the "traditional" career

  • Up-skill - There are a lot of online learning resources such as Udemy, Treehouse, Codecademy & Fiverr
  • Decide what you want your "career" to look like - The #1 thing is to decide what you want your life-style and work to be. Are you someone who enjoys being given direction or are you comfortable with self-direction?
  • Communicate with others involved in areas you're interested in - There are a lot of groups and offline / online resources for most niches, get curious and find your tribe
  • Let go of your old assumptions - While change is a challenge, the world will change with or without your permission. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is vital in the new "career" economy

Your career flexibility will depend on your life situation however start the conversation with those close to you today and you'll be surprised about what will happen when you create intention and put an action plan in place.

How does your career look? What changes do you see coming up over the next few years?

We'd love a comment and let us know what you'd like to know!

Live your Money Glee! :)