Thought piece Thursday #3 - The art of communication

Hey Money Glee readers!

Today we'd like to talk to you about well talking, or communication in general. It's important to note that communication is much more than talking and it will affect the future of work and your relationships with others.

Why the art communication is important

Communication is vital, especially in a society where effective and quick responses are considered essential. Here's why it is vital:

  • If you aren't able to communicate effectively, it makes people less likely to trust or like you
  • The quality of your relationships is affected considerably by how you communicate
  • It will help you to lead, influence and persuade
  • Communicating and understanding yourself is important to uncover what you value in all aspects of life
  • It will help you get promoted, gain more clients and with your personal relationships

Communication really is an art due to the variability of humans. Each person will have their unique preferences, values, thoughts, ideas and body language. What this means is that you will need to adapt and appreciate that using the same methods for each person is likely to give you limited success.

Body language or the unconscious is a massive piece in the art of communication

Body language or the unconscious is a massive piece in the art of communication

Now that we've established why communication is important and as Psychology Today suggests mostly non-verbal how do you improve at communicating?

  • Recognise that it is not simply about talking. Most of communication is generally non-verbal (gestures, body positioning etc). Once you realise this, you can start to notice people's body language when you're communicating with them. This will start to give you clues on how comfortable they're feeling, if they trust you and how the relationship is going. Keep it subtle though and practise it, over time you'll start to notice it will naturally become a habit
  • Ask for feedback - This tip is not for the faint-hearted, unfortunately you may not get the answers you want to hear. Whether you feel this is the truth or not, it is the way that you are being perceived by others when communicating. Keep in mind that you have the capacity to improve on the feedback that you're given and that one person's feedback does not mean that everyone feels this way about you
  • Set communication goals - A really popular one for the Money Glee crowd as what gets measured, gets done! If you receive feedback that you aren't actively listening, focus on paraphrasing or using words like "from what I understand here is what you mean __________". By setting a goal you can then check in with people you trust on how you're tracking.

While there's many different ways to conquer the communication minefield, it really is something that humans are naturally built to do so get out there and become a better communicator!

What tips have you been given on how to communicate? How does communication affect your life?

Live your Money Glee! :)