Thought piece Thursday #4 - You get what you give

While most of the time our focus is on your Money Glee one important part is the ability to give back. The concept of you get what you give can relate to anything in life, your wealth, your career, your relationships, your personal growth.

It is often said that if you want to receive love first you must give love. What does this really mean though?

It's often small gestures that make the big difference!

It's often small gestures that make the big difference!

Let's tell a story. Say that you are walking along and see someone playing a guitar and is providing an awesome performance for the on-looking crowd. What would you do?

  • Keep watching and enjoying the experience
  • Walk away, thinking that the "dreamer" should get themselves a real job
  • Give the busker a couple of dollars for their efforts

While we freely acknowledge that you cannot give to everyone, otherwise you may have none for yourself, giving the occasional contribution, period of time or a special skill that only you have is a great way to start on your path to Money Glee.

Easy ways that you can give back

  • Volunteer at a local soup kitchen
  • Visit an elderly person who may not get regular or any visits from their friends or family
  • Coach a local sports team
  • Donate blood
  • Smile at a stranger and buy them a cup of coffee

What are the benefits of giving

  • You'll naturally feel great as you'll focus less on yourself and more on others
  • You never know who yo may meet by being kind to someone
  • Giving can help you to acquire new skills
  • If it is a monetary donation it may be tax deductible

In many ways giving without expectation in many people's books means you have already gained success however there are many other unintended benefits.

When was the last time you gave? What have you learned about giving to receive?

Let us know what we can give you on the Money Glee site!

Live your money glee :)