Thought piece Thursday #35 - 3 ways how you can become a financial success

Welcome to Thursday if you're an Aussie and Wednesday for most of the rest of the world. If you'd like to read more about why you might not be a financial success, check this out!

Are you looking for the financial silver bullet, we'd suggest keep moving if you are, unfortunately we won't be providing you with this today. What we will be giving you is the process to move you forward to financial success and freedom

3 key ways to become a financial success

  1. Pay yourself first
    If you are disciplined enough to pay yourself first then it significantly increases your chances of financial success. What paying yourself means is sending money along to a savings or investment account of your own name instead of paying your phone company, VISA or American Express first. By doing this you are able to prove if not to anyone else at least yourself how serious you are about wealth and your finances

  2. Listen to "experts who have done what you are looking to achieve
    In addition to paying yourself first getting on board with people who have completed the tasks or goals that you want to will mean you can follow the experienced hand. It's important not to follow anyone or anything blindly and question the sacrifices that a person has made and see how and if they are possible in your life

  3. Asses why your goals are important to you
    If you can understand your what + why = win. Goals are more than about becoming "successful" and more why it is important. Once you understand this, it can be used as a super motivator to keep you going towards earning more and focusing more on your financial life when you're too tired to do so.

Another way to become a financial success is to have patience

Another way to become a financial success is to have patience

  • A bonus tip is to make your finances fun
    Gamifying (not sure that's a word) anything in life makes success more achievable. Understand a unique and creative way that gets you fired up about finances. Is saving more each month going to motivate you or is spending $50 on a "guilty pleasure" going to motivate you more.

What motivates you with your finances?

How do you define financial success?

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