Personal Budget Update #2 September - *New Topic* & Getting stuck in the numbers

It's back, be excited, be very excited, the Personal Budget update! If you'd like to see the first update take a look here at May's numbers

Now don't get us wrong we're definitely not all about the numbers however tracking a person head on their monthly money way is exciting so without further adieu let's get into it all:

September monthly numbers


Planned - 60$                                   Actual - 51$

Books are an important part of personal development and education, happy with how much was spent here


Planned - 450$                             Actual - 407$

Really happy with this, it's been cut back a significant amount recently. While it may seem a lot who doesn't love going out to bars occasionally or out on the weekend?

Food groceries

Planned - 130$                               Actual - 188$

Found that eating at home more turns into spending more on groceries. Happy with the spend here though


Planned - 52$                                Actual - 52$

This will stay constant each month unless there is a longer month. Could possibly cut this out due to not being disciplined enough with going although it's nice to have the membership in play


Planned - 39$                            Actual - 39$

The standard monthly fee, nothing too much doing here :)!


Planned - 260$                        Actual - 291$

Although over-planned here, a decent effort to stick to those misc expenses


Planned - 750$                       Actual - 1050$

Looks like a big loss although this is due to 3 cycles falling in the one period. No surprises that this happened here


Planned - 265$                      Actual - 260$

Under plan here, something you've gotta love


Planned - 300$                     Actual - 318$

Costs went up slightly here due to some changes in the Sydney transport system. One of those "necessary" expenses to make a living

Let's look at a visual breakdown below

September was looking reasonably pretty!

September was looking reasonably pretty!

Well, there's another one in the can!

How was your September money wise?

What else is happening in your lives?

Would you like any other aspects of a finance life looked at?

Remember to live your Money Glee! :)