Thought piece Thursday #33 - You need a rival (Darren Daily guest appearance)

Who says's you need a rival? You should probably recognise that you "need" one yourself

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Why you need a rival?

If you'd like the answer in one sentence, you need a rival to push you on to bigger and better things, or at least most people do. Keep reading though and let's expand more on the purpose of a "rival"

  • Accountability - Having that person or software push you to save that extra 20$ a week or go for that extra run when you feel like snoozing can be more meaningful
  • Excitement - Life's generally more fun being shared right? Unless you're an introvert who enjoys living underneath a rock, some of us may, then it's exciting to be able to share your wins and losses. Unless it is your older brother, in which case bragging rights could be dangerous
  • Achievement - Like accountability, you're more likely to achieve better results when you have a rival or at least someone pushing you on
  • Significance - Don't you feel great when you're helping someone out? By having a rival, you'll be pushing them to achieve as well and learning from each others mistakes
You're rival can help you to weather the waves

You're rival can help you to weather the waves

To sum it up then, most great "successes" had rivals and let's start to consider a rival as someone who is on our side to push us to greatness rather than an enemy. You'll be amazed what the mindset shift will help you achieve

If you'd like to hear more about a rival, check out our friend Darren Hardy on the matter. 

What are your thoughts on rivals? Have they helped or hurt you

Remember to live your Money Glee! :)