Thought piece Thursday #36 - Living life on your terms + Talk about them (check out some great bloggers)

How have you been feeling recently? Been living through the same old routine, ready to step up and take life into your own hands. Good news, today we'll be scratching the surface of what it's like to live life on your own terms! This post is motivated by a cool niche (hope he doesn't mind me calling his blog that) blogger called White Collar Freedom. His post about the best piece of advice he received in college is one that shows you the importance of having your own goals and plans. Keep your eyes opened as there may be another appearance of White Collar Freedom!

What does living life on your terms mean?

Living life on your terms is for the entrepreneur almost non-negotiable however not all of the audience are entrepreneurs and to in general it can mean:

  • Not being accountable to a 9 to 5 schedule. What this also means is that you can be responsible for generating your own income
  • Having enough money to not need to work again and follow you passions. With great opportunity though comes responsibility to yourself and others to make the most of your opportunity
  • Having the capacity to follow your passions and do so for a profit
  • Travel to places without a time-limit
  • Spend time with friends, family and those who you care about
  • Insert your own reason here ________________

Now you're aware that the possibilities which come from living life on your terms are based on your capacity to imagine and create keep an eye out for how to live life on your terms! :)

Living life on your terms means you can work for wherever in the world you'd like

Living life on your terms means you can work for wherever in the world you'd like

What we're continuing to do here at Money Glee is to continue acknowledging people in the personal finance (PF) & occasionally the broader blogging community, who are doing awesome & cool work!

We want to keep paying it forward & giving more back, so every second Thursday of the month there'll be a talk about them post. Check out October's post here if you're interested in taking a look at Leo from Zen Habits or Anonymous from over at The Mad Fientist.

Josh from White Collar Freedom - Josh is on a mission to shake up the way we feel and look at Money. Jump on the freedom train by reading about his white collar freedom trek. While he used to be more active, the value Josh brings to the community

Pat from Smart Passive Income - Pat is a powerhouse in the blogging rather than personal finance community. He has a great story about being "laid off" or "let go" and has really gone from strength to strength adding value along the way. If you check this out Pat we'll have you here as a guest post any-day ;)

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