Thought piece Thursday #37 - 5 ways to live life on your terms

Welcome to near the end of the week! How's yours tracking? Looking forward to the weekend or keen for the week to go longer. Before getting into living life on your terms, check out if you really control your finances here! Let's jump in there and introduce you to ways you can live life on your terms. Check out what living life on your terms means too!

How to live life on your terms

  1. Define what your terms are -
    If you aren't sure what your terms are then you're living your life on someone else's terms. While this is not a bad thing and you probably aren't even aware that it's happening, it more than likely is
  2. Understand your numbers -
    Okay perhaps a little cliched on a personal finance blog however if you don't know your numbers, you'll be caught doing something on someone else's agenda. Know your numbers, then get to live life more on your terms 
  3. Consider investing
    By no means should be considered advice, it's important you speak to the experts first however look to consider putting a plan in place such as a regular amount you'll allocate to some type of investment. Paying yourself first is vital to getting ahead and having more flexibility in your life. Ironically getting a plan in place, gives you more freedom to live life on your terms
  4. Get around people with similar goals and values
    They say that birds of a feather flock together. Basically this means you'll end up becoming like the 5 people you spend the most time with. If you want to create a life lived more on your terms then start interacting with more people who are already able to do this. Be careful who you associate with though as they may not always be ethical
  5. Be prepared to "fail" or learn
    As with most things in life the more you attempt to achieve in life, the higher the chance that you might, get ready for it, fail. Failure is and should be an option though, if you're not failing you're probably not learning. By this it doesn't have to be going out and starting your own Facebook, although let us know if you do this and we'll join you ;).. It's more about having a learning mindset and not being afraid to ask the tough questions or be consistent
Having life in the palm of your hands is what Money Glee is all about!

Having life in the palm of your hands is what Money Glee is all about!

What ways are you living life on your terms?

How do you feel you're being held back?

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