Thought piece Thursday #38 - If you want not many have you'll have to do something not many are prepared to do

It's getting into the last month of the year, most people are winding down, the dust has settled from the Atrumpanation (how's that for a funky word? :)) and how are you feeling about the end of the year approaching? We've got news for you, while most of the world will be winding down and getting into holiday mode (nothing wrong with this), most readers of Money Glee will be hammering out some goals for 2017! Okay great you say, what does that mean to you though and what is this article about?

To get where you want to go, you've got to do things others are not willing to do

Not sure about you although over the past couple of weeks, we've been feeling like we're not getting very far. Ironically though, while it's around this time when most people quit is the time when you're probably making the most progress. Here's a key example of doing something that others aren't willing to do, continuing on where others quit. Irrespective of whether your young, old, an employee or entrepreneur, tall or short the one thing you can control is your attitude towards the situation. Here's 5 ways you can take advantage of your positive attitude:

  1. Figure out why you want what you want - This will make sure you remain persistent
  2. Remain committed to the outcome and flexible on the strategy - This will mean you're flexible and know when to pivot (change)
  3. Get other people around you who are also determined - When you're struggling to remain motivated, an accountability partner can keep you motivated
  4. Enjoy what you do - While it's important to pay the bills and keep the lights on, if you don't enjoy what you do the money won't mean much anyway
  5. Work harder (or at least keep working) when your not motivated - Working when your not motivated is great as the process of sitting and doing the task, if it's the "right" one will inherently motivate you
Stand out from the crowd by doing what others aren't willing to do

Stand out from the crowd by doing what others aren't willing to do

Sure this does not mean go out and start doing crazy things that will put you in danger or skip taking care of yourself however next time something you care about get's hard, keep on keeping on

What are some big goals and visions you care about your struggling with?

How have you overcome this?

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