Money Glee Monday #37 - 5 ways to know when the right time to invest is

Welcome to the week ahead and hopefully some fruitful investing times for us all. While we were reluctant to write about investing let's take a different spin upon the times you should look to invest. Without further adieu then let's look a 5 ways to know when the right time to invest is:

When you know it is the right time to invest

First of all it's important to say that you 100% know the best time to invest and it is vital to speak to experts before implementing any investment advice

  1. When you are paid
    The adage of paying yourself first can generally apply to investing as well. Setting an amount aside to invest irrespective of what the market is doing means that you take a lot of emotion out of the process of investing
  2. Once you have identified a new trend
    Consider the development of 3D printing, blockchain or bit coin. These emerging technologies while not necessarily proven offer an opportunity to consider investing in once you are confident or are not concerned with losing all of the amount of you are investing
  3. When others aren't investing
    As Mr Buffet mentions "be fearful where others are greedy and be greedy where others are fearful". While your own investing rules should be in place an event such as Brexit or Trump becoming the president elect is an event you may consider investing into. The advantage you may find here is that when the market generally recovers you are able to cash in. What you should consider though is how much you are able to stomach losing
  4. When you are young
    They say that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and the second best time is today. With age on your side i.e. when you're young, you can then use the eighth wonder of the world (compound interest) to your advantage
  5. On a regular basis
    Similar to when you are paid, investing on a regular or scheduled basis means you can continue to build wealth while also reducing the amount of emotion involved with the process. Combining all 5 of the above along with your own rules is likely to lead to the greatest chance of success in investing
Drone technology is likely to be one that is going to continue to rise

Drone technology is likely to be one that is going to continue to rise

What times do you pick as the best time to invest?

What are some of the reasons which hold you back from investing more?

How has your investing been recently?

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