Thought piece Thursday #40 - The importance of avoiding miscommunication

While we're mostly about Money and the psychology around money, there's an aspect that influences relationships equally as much, if not more than money... Would you like to know what that is?


While we've spoken about communication here before there are many different nuances to this art. Darren Hardy has a short video here detailing the consequences of miscommunication and from a Money Glee perspective here are insights on what's at stake:

  • It's likely to cause anger, frustration and possible delays - When either party assumes that they understand and don't quite fully capture the message, this can lead to challenges in the relationship
  • It could cause monetary loss - The flow on effect from delays, frustration etc is the financial loss that occurs from miscommunication
  • There may be loss of relationships - Sounds extreme although this is a possibility if you're not able to rectify the communication issues on repeated number of occasions
Communication is vital in all contexts

Communication is vital in all contexts


Now that we've looked at the avoiding miscommunication and communicating effectively here's 3 quick tips that we'll expand on in another article:

* When in doubt, clarify what the person means

* Understand what the best way for you to receive information is

* Understand if the message that you are sending is being received in the way you intend it to be

We'll expand more on the above in future articles although enjoy the video and communicating away this week!

How are you finding your communication?

What impact has it had upon your finances?

How is your 2016 finishing off :)? 

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