Personal Spending Plan Update for November & Dividend growth investing vs. index investing new idea

Okay Money Glee readers we're going to give you a glimpse into the spending plan of a Money Glee team member. If you'd like to reflect or at least read previous months here is October for you.

Before the end of year is upon us let's tuck into the expenses for November, which we're sure you've all been waiting for along with a short topic following:

November monthly numbers


Planned - $60                       Actual - $56

Slightly under budget for books, which are an important expense for personal growth and development. Kindle unlimited looks to be a cool resource that we may need to look into at 13$ a month for Aussies :)


Planned - $450                   Actual - $511

Was slightly over for entertaining this month due to a few fancy meals and going out a bit more, not overly disappointed with this though

Food Groceries

Planned - $130                   Actual - $148

Happy despite being over. This is a broad category and could include much more


Planned - 52$                                Actual - 52$

Again, this expense will stay constant unless there is a longer month.


Planned - 39$                            Actual - 80$

Spent extra due to the data this month, not ideal although not the end of the world either


Planned - 260$                        Actual - 386$

Due to a few tickets being purchased this month along with the renewal of the squarespace site meant that Misc expenses were higher than usual


Planned - 750$                       Actual - 700$

After last month's "big loss" due to 3 cycles falling in the one period. No surprises that this was under for the month


Planned - 265$                      Actual - 420$

Probably eating out too much, which unsurprisingly leads to higher spending in this category. One area where the fat could be trimmed (pardon the pun) ;)


Planned - 300$                     Actual - 239$

Really happy with this one in the month of November, if only all were this good :)

How's about the audience, how was your November's from a spending and personal perspective?

Occasionally a spending plan will feel like you're riding as quickly as a bicycle, stick in there though :)!

Occasionally a spending plan will feel like you're riding as quickly as a bicycle, stick in there though :)!

Following on from a topic about dividend vs. growth investing there is an idea that while not revolutionary was mentioned by DC over at Young Adult Money about considering both growth and dividends when considering an investment in stock. This is certainly something that if you're able to find and the company fits your criteria + there is advice given on the stock then it is worth checking out.

We wanted to mention this as it shows the cool and intuitive thinking here in the Money Glee community.

What would you like to see more of in the monthly update? We'd love to put in income although there is some big news coming up in the next 2 - 3 months :)

Thanks for reading and here's to a fantastic December! Remember to live you Money Glee