Thought piece Thursday #10 - Is school really the best time of our lives?

We're all about blasting or at least discussing Money and life myths here at Money Glee. Before you read some thoughts about school take a read on a take on Hustle and Whether money is the root of all evil?

Another cliché that you would have heard growing up and possibly still do is "Enjoy school while it lasts, it's the best time of your life". Is school really the best time of your life?

This will really depend on which way you want to look at it:

School is the best time of your life

You're probably a young professional out of college or have been working for a few years now. What do you remember about school? The beauty of school is that expectations of you have your crap together aren't as high, you can mess up an exam, head to a party with friends and not have to think about work the next day & you probably lived with your parents. For these reasons school really is the best days of your life. 

The beauty behind school can be summarised in 3 points:

  1. You have great levels of freedom
  2. You have little responsibility and can enjoy learning for the sake of learning
  3. You have an epic amount of time on your side
What's it that made you most happy about being in school?

What's it that made you most happy about being in school?

Your best days are after you finish school!

Sure school was great, you had the opportunity to goof around, party all night and sleep all day (responsibly of course) however it was really a small part of your life. Imagine how you felt once you finished school, you had that bright eyed / bushy tailed enthusiasm for the world. You were going to change the world, travel it and take your life to the next level. The enthusiasm and euphoria you experience once you leave school and start in your own business or the workforce is one of the greatest reasons why your best days are after you finish school.

The beauty behind post school life can be found in 3 points:

  1. Having the benefit of youth, knowledge (at least theoretical) and enthusiasm
  2. You're earning a wage
  3. You're allowed to again make mistakes due to your inexperience

Why aren't your best times now?

Let's throw a spanner in the works and say that irrespective of how old you are now, it's the best time of your life! :) Why wouldn't you think this? You past is not something that you can change and your future hasn't happened yet. The reason now is likely the best time for you can be found in the following 3 reasons:

  1. You have complete power to change your situation or at least change the way you think about it
  2. Now is actually the time you're alive
  3. All of the above points still hold, you've probably got a job, you're likely still knowledgeable and you have enthusiasm

While this is probably not what you expected, life will throw curve balls at your professional, personal and financial life.

Why is now the best time for you to be alive or why is it not?

Let's have a bit of fun though, what was your best time at school?

Remember to live your Money Glee!