Thought piece Thursday #8 - Is money really the root of all evil?

Welcome to this highly charged topic. Before we go any further we'd like you to suspend your thoughts and beliefs about money.

Money is not the root of all evil!

Boom, phew we got that one out of the way and now lets unpack the concept that money is not the root of all evil.

First of all who usually builds our beliefs and values about money and most things in life:

  • Parents - likely the most influential
  • Friends - they say that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with
  • Family - when your sitting around that BBQ at holiday periods you're likely to be influenced
  • School - your education will teach you the way to feel about money
  • The media - occasionally we'll see that people who are wealthy are bad / evil
Have you ever stopped to think about your thoughts on money?

Have you ever stopped to think about your thoughts on money?


The reason why money is likely not the root of all evil is due to the following

  • It is emotionless, and the outcome depends on the person who uses this resource
  • Was there "evil", war and greed around before money was created?
  • Are there things other than money that motivate people to do good and / or evil

While there are counter arguments for money being the root of all evil, it will really come down to your perception and you can really not be wrong. What is being offered above is a perspective and view.

Questions that can help you discover if you think money is "evil"

  1. Have you ever thought about your relationship with money?
  2. What are your money beliefs holding you back from?
  3. If you keep doing what you've done will your results be any different?
  4. What are ways that you can give back rather than taking all the time?
  5. If you could change anything about money, what would it be?

While this has been a controversial piece what does it all mean?

Ultimately you can probably still be successful with a mindset that money is evil & often the fear that we'll become evil will ironically mean we end up keeping us from being evil. Hopefully you'll question your beliefs about money and we'd love to hear your thoughts on things that affect your relationship with money.

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Remember to live your money glee! :)