Thought piece Thursday #9 - Does anyone gain from hustle?

It seems that everyone these days is obsessed with the hustle and hustling. The #hustleking Gary Vee talks about it being a mentality. Call us a bit insane however we're not convinced by the pursuit of working harder and not smarter. Let's unpack this further:

What is the hustle?

  • Working 14 hour days, putting your nose to the wall and not stopping until you've hit that goal
  • Not taking no for an answer
  • Building a brand / business and not stopping until you've reached "the top"

Sure while this is not the complete definition, you get the message though. It is generally accepted that to hustle is to relentlessly chase your goal/s, passions and or dreams.

With more people wanting to "hustle" it's become an obsession world-wide

With more people wanting to "hustle" it's become an obsession world-wide


Who gains from the hustle?

The answer for this one is that it really depends on what type of hustle it is.

Hustle based on working 15 hours every day is really not likely to help anyone. Sure you may end up making a lot of money however it's likely your health, your relationships and your sanity is going to suffer.

A form of hustle that is sustainable looks at where you outsource tasks such as answering all your emails, coding your website or creating every post on social media.

It is very much a fine line between working excessively hard vs. not working hard enough. It will really be up to you to decide when you have crossed this line.

In answer to the question then, very few people gain from hustle the way it is currently glorified.

What does hustle mean for your wealth / Money Glee?

Sure we may need money to pay the bills however earning more money for the sake of it is likely to move away from your money glee. Sure if being a multi-millionaire who has no friends is your goal, balance for you will be working 15 hours a day.

The key take-away for you from this is to get clear on what you want to achieve, not only with your hustle, your wealth but your life too. We've written before about what the point of being wealthy is if you're not able to enjoy it.

What are your thoughts on hustle?

How have you avoided burn-out in the past?

What information on money would you like to read?

Remember to live your Money Glee! :)