Thought piece Thursday #13 - Positive vs. Success mindset

Positivity is over-rated!

While we love positivity here at Money Glee, it's gone too far or has it? Today we'll be looking at the positive vs. success mindset.

First of all what exactly are these different mindsets

Positivity mindset

  • Focuses on imagining that you have achieved the outcomes you are looking to
  • Can be seen as the law of attraction i.e. whether you think you can or can't you're right
  • Usually does not consider the negative or difficult consequences involved
  • Is looked upon as bias towards purely the positive

Success mindset

  • Generally looks at the pros and cons (including the difficult and negative aspects) of your goals
  • Requires action as well as attracting "good" things into your life
  • Has more tangible action items in place and deadlines
  • Realises the power of the set-back
Success is really what you make it; could be having a warm cup of tea to start the day. Really?

Success is really what you make it; could be having a warm cup of tea to start the day. Really?

Now you're probably thinking that we're being negative about positivity and are about to write an angry comment?

Let us clarify, about what is being said. What we're really saying is that positivity is important and can go hand in hand with a success mindset. At the same time the positive mindset is heavily reliant on imagining and affirmations, which for the record should form a part of the success mindset too.

Of course it's important to acknowledge that everyone's ideas of success are different and are likely to change from year to year or even month to month. This is okay and a part of the process of life.

What does this mean for your money?

It has a potentially big impact:

  • If you have goals or dreams without an action plan; what you really have is a hope
  • Both are likely required to help you achieve your goals
  • Being open to success and having a positive mindset means you can overcome obstacles

What are your thoughts on the positive vs. success mindset?

Which areas of your life have you been successful in recently? (We love to celebrate people's wins)

Remember to live your Money Glee! :)