Money Glee Monday #15 - Saver or spender, which one are you?

While sure it's nice to be all focused and serious about Money, why not look at it with some fun?

Saver or spender; which are you?

If you're a spender here's your likely story:

  • You get anxious around pay-day figuring out which new pair of shoes or video game you'd like to buy next
  • At the bar on Friday night you're the first person offering to buy a round (drink responsibly if you're going to :) )
  • It's likely that there's more month at the end of your money than more money at the end of your month
  • You have a closest full of clothes, books, sporting gear etc (no one is perfect right?)

If you're more of a saver here's your likely story:

  • You clip coupons more often than you clip your lawns
  • Scoopon is your favourite website
  • You'll buy a round at the bar during happy hour only
  • You make sure all the lights in your house are turned off when you leave the room
Savers are also likely to have energy efficient globes too

Savers are also likely to have energy efficient globes too

Sure the start of this article is a bit tongue in cheek however in most humour there is some truth.

5 questions you should ask about whether your a saver or spender

  1.  Are the people you hang around savers or spenders & how does this affect your financial life?
  2. If you are in a relationship, what is your partner like with money?
  3. What spending habits have you picked up from childhood?
  4. Is where you're spending your $$ reflected in your "Money Values"?
  5. How often do you worry about spending your money?

The importance behind figuring out if you're a saver or spender is that it has the potential to impact your relationships, work & financial life

As a bit of fun, check out the ING Direct Spender or Saver money* quiz & let us know your results :)

Were you a saver or spender?

Do you feel there's potential to be both a saver and a spender?

How has being a saver or spender affected your life?

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