Thought piece Thursday #15 - Change is part of the process

What are your thoughts on change?

Does it create fear, anxiety or excitement!

The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change - Heraclitus

Change is really a big part of any process

If we're failing to accept change then we're really ignoring a principle of nature. While change is scary for all of us and we naturally want to avoid it; whether as want to acknowledge it or not it is inevitable.

A few years ago there was a job, which was decent and had a great team in financial consulting. While it involved inbound sales (think targets and key performance indicators), compliance considerations and quality assurance the role was enjoyable as it had a connection to financial services. Over time the management team changed and the metrics by which we were being measured moved as well. Then there was more change. Being picked up for a compliance breach meant a meeting with Human Resources and an official warning. After working on some administrative tasks for a few weeks, it was decided to get put back on calls and making sales. Inevitably or serendipitously a breach happened again and there was potential removal from the role. Instead of fighting the change that appeared to be happening whether it was wanted or not, acceptance was the plan and resigning rather than lose the chance of gaining a reference from the company.

nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know - Pema Chödrön
If you want to see change check out nature

If you want to see change check out nature

Great now that its shown change will happen what can you do?

Okay great story; how is this applicable to your life and your finances:

  • Prepare for change
    Sure that sounds strange, how can you prepare change in your life and finances? It is more about accepting this as part of the plan. When you consider that change will happen you can build additional savings into your budget
  • Openly embrace the change
    Instead of waiting for change to come to you, why not approach you life as one big change? This can be as small as writing with a different hand for a week or taking a new path to work. By doing this you'll ensure that when it does come you'll be adopt easier
  • Learn about change
    You don't need to be an expert in change management however start to learn about it in domains such as the financial markets, careers or the natural environment. What this will do is help you to start recognising how you can take advantage of the changes that will happen to you and the world around you

Now that you have considered change and what that means to you, what are you planning to change in your finances, career or life?

Which part of change is hardest for you and why?

Have a great day and remember to live you Money Glee!