Thought piece Thursday #12 - Gratitude for others & sharing the love (check out some great Personal Finance Bloggers)

One thing that the Money Glee life is all about is sharing the Love!

Living is generally "better" when you spread the love around and have gratitude for those in your life. Right now you probably have several questions floating through your head such as:

Have the Money Glee team lost their minds?

Nope, we certainly haven't not that we've been tested on our sanity however as far as we're aware we're sane!

The world is a big, bad horrible place though isn't it?

Sure, there are some bad things out there and bad things certainly happen to good people and good things happen to bad people however on the balance of it things can be great. This will of course be influenced by the way you see the world, your cognitive bias will dictate what you see.

What does this have to do with my money?

It has everything to do with your money; there are 3 key points why gratitude for others can and will influence your $$

  1. Giving back be that with time and or resources (money) is an excellent way to feel great and hopeful create a snowball effect of gratitude
  2. Being grateful for what we have; whether it is a little or a lot and empathising with others less fortunate can make us realise that life is great and motivates us to help out more
  3. How you feel about others will reflect and affect the habits about money. You really do get what you give and your money is impacted by how much value you give to the world.

Sure it is important to appreciate and respect yourself & your family and avoid being taken advantage of however being grateful for the experiences; good, bad and indifferent; that you have will help you learn and grow along the way.

To get open and transparent about why we're feeling so grateful today, let us share a story. I was driving through a parking lot on the way to work, when it all of a sudden hit me how awesome it is to be apart of the personal finance community & that a lot of us, myself included take our friendships for granted. Sure I may have been on an endorphin high from an early morning gym session but I was realising how great my virtual and real-life friends and community are. Thought it was time that I gave back & acknowledged them so I'll start off with 2 for this month that I've been following for a while.

The bloggersphere can be a big and lonely place; time to give back & RECOGNISE!

The bloggersphere can be a big and lonely place; time to give back & RECOGNISE!

Dave (or DC this cool bloke is known) over at Young Adult Money - Dave is quickly on his way to becoming a heavy hitter in the personal finance game yet is still humble enough to reach out to people. He's a busy guy but really makes the effort to comment & I'm sure stop by occasionally. It's awesome to see someone so passionate about life and dedicating to making the personal finance and general world a better place. It's been great to "know you" virtually over the past few years mate!

Alex (who's damn funny & making waves himself) over at Cash Flow Diaries - Have been speaking with Alex for about a year now and he's a great and up and coming personal finance guy. He's super chilled about his achievements and you can tell that he enjoys having a great time, is out to help others and has his heart in a great place!

What we'll be doing here at Money Glee is starting to acknowledge people in the personal finance & outside of the community who are doing awesome or cool work out there.

It's about time we started paying it forward & giving more back, so from here on our there'll be a talk about them post every second Thursday of the month.

We'd love to thank everyone reading, be grateful for all of the comments, likes, shares etc and ask that if there are any topics you'd like to read about related to personal finance or life, hit us up.

Oh and check out Cash Flow Diaries (Alex) & Young Adult Money (Dave); these guys are doing awesome stuff!

What are you grateful for in your finances, career or life in general?

Remember to live your Money Glee!