Thought piece Thursday #17 - How to break the mould from previous generations & Talk about them (check out some great Personal Finance Bloggers)

There'll be 2 aspects to today's article, let's get cracking on the usual thought piece Thursday!

Breaking the mould!

This article may really hit home however that's what the site is all about, not really pulling any punches. A lot of our conditioning comes from parents, friends, other family as we're growing up. As we continue to grow, often the habits and behaviours experienced when we were younger continue on. Areas that you may have been affected in and struggle to break the mould could include:

  • Finance
  • Relationships
  • Fitness and Health
  • Career, business and employment
  • Communication

We'll share a story that may seem somewhat open however affected the childhood of the writer. Parents were divorced at 5 and there was a toxicity to the relationship due to alcohol fuelled jealousy, attachment & all the classic symptoms of control. I'll leave the story there however breaking the mould of your environment can be tougher than what you think be that with your money, relationships, career or education. This story isn't being told to create sympathy it's more to acknowledge that it's likely you've have your own story that may still be holding you back. 

Whether it be your parents didn't have enough money, as a result had a challenging relationship and may have told you that "money was the root of all evil". Or maybe you came from a loving family that had a beautiful, safe and valued up-bringing however you've been pushed to go to university and fulfil your parents or families expectations. Whatever your story let's dig deep on a few suggestions on how you can break the mould:

  • Know that someone else's story isn't your story. While it is important to acknowledge the circumstances which are likely affecting you this does not need to define you
  • Get amongst great people. Approach a role model or mentor for the area in your life you want to excel in be that finance, health, relationships, communication. Be wise to ask a few questions on why they are the person who you are associating with though
  • Accept that it will take time. As much as you don't want to hear this, while change is constant it's unlikely to change at the pace you would like.
  • Stay the course. Set clear goals on what and why you want to change to create the future; financial and otherwise that you desire and deserve
From a young age we're picking up behaviours, values and beliefs from our previous generations

From a young age we're picking up behaviours, values and beliefs from our previous generations

As a last thing before we move on to the fun part of the post, if you're genuinely struggling with something from your past, reach out for professional help to talk through the issue, it doesn't make you weak, it makes you incredibly strong!

Okay guys, if you missed what we do around here we want to be all about creating an awesome community. In March 2016 (so last month) I wanted to appreciate how great my virtual and real-life friends and community are. Thought it was time to gave back & acknowledge them so let's continue with 2 more for this month that I've been following & are making an impact out there for the better.
It's time we continue to pay it forward & giving back more, so we'll continue a talk about them post every second Thursday of the month.

We'd love to thank everyone reading, be grateful for all of the comments, likes, shares etc and ask that if there are any topics you'd like to read about related to personal finance or life, hit us up.

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Without further adieu then the 2 for this month are (drum roll please :) )

Michael (or Mike as I've been calling him) from Financially Alert - Great content, very passionate bloke about finance & the type of person who is giving back more than he is getting. Mike posts more than simply about finances and shares a lot of sweet stories that help you to learn and increase your impact!

Dominic (or Dom) over at Gen Y Finance Guy (GYFG) - Dom has an awesome sense of humour, is super driven, passionate about finance, spending time with family though and embodies everything about the Money Glee life! I challenge you to read all of his content, he's promised to keep on writing more as a reward if you do (we'll be holding him to it ha). In all seriousness though a great person who lives true to his slogan of "To Humanize Finance, Build Wealth, and Reach Financial Freedom."

Let's leave it there as we're getting to the longer side of things. Today's Thought Piece Thursday question got a bit personal and was asked through Twitter, reach out if there's a burning question affecting your personal finances you'd like a perspective on.

How have you broken the mould?

What is holding you back in your finances, fitness, health etc?

Thanks for your time and Remember to Live your Money Glee! :)

Oh and check out Financially Alert (Michael) & Gen Y Finance Guy (GYFG) (Dominic); these guys are doing awesome stuff! Next month there will be some lovely ladies as there are some awesome Financial and non-Financial female bloggers we'd love to introduce you to!