Thought piece Thursday #19 - The #1 thing that will help you in finances and life

We're all looking to achieve "success" in finances and life right?

What if someone told you they could give you a simple hack that would help you to achieve "better" results in your life? You'd possibly be a little sceptical and rightfully so, this is one thing we encourage here at Money Glee, ask questions and arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can.

Okay on to the #1 thing that will help you in finances and life, which is tracking and focus

It may seem obvious however the #1 thing that will invariably work with improving anything is tracking and focus. To share a personal example each meal has been an area that I've tracked for the month of April. While I feel I've not deprived myself of food and there's even been the odd slice of cake or glass of wine here and there I've managed to lose 2kg or over 4 pounds for the international readers out there :).

"What we focus on expands" - Oprah Winfrey

While tracking may not be for everyone, it does not need to be long term as once you can create the habit, it is likely to stick.

When you're driving what you focus on is where you end up!

When you're driving what you focus on is where you end up!


Here are some great ways to track important things in your life:

Finances - Goodbudget; While there are many apps & desktop applications to track your spending, this one is simple & has some great shot of how you're tracking.

Weight & Health - Google Drive (sheets & docs are both great) & Evernote offer you the chance to record what you are up to with the food your consuming and how you're tracking with your weight. While it may seem extreme to track every meal for a month we challenge you to see how you go

Reading - Goodreads have a simple yet effective interface to keep track of how much you are reading, what others are, which can help motivate you to push forward. Learners are leaders they say

Conversations with others - By having a chat with your friends and or family to understand your communication style / skills and what you may be missing. Who says that old school doesn't work

Sleep - Your smartphone or FitBit will likely offer this service. Personally having an Samsung Galaxy S5, using S Health has been fantastic in keeping me accountable on getting more sleep

While sure, this is not a magic pill, if you discover one of those please let us know! :) What it will provide is to understand where you are at with your finances & important parts of your life

A big motivation to experiment and understand what works and doesn't work with finances & life is Tim Ferriss who has some great content on pushing yourself.

As part of an experiment in each part of my Goodbudget expenses, I will shave $10 off each allocated account to see what tracking can really do for your finances.

What is an area of your life you would like to track?

Why do you think you have been successful in the past with getting results?

What would you like to improve in your finances?

We'd love to hear your comments, questions or what you want to hear more on!

Remember to live your Money Glee!