Thought piece Thursday #21 - Should you wait until you're "rich" before you start giving? + Talk about them (check out some great Personal Finance Bloggers)

Hope you're enjoying your week all! Have you ever wanted to give although though that you didn't have enough of your own yet?

They often say though that you get what you give & you can read more about that here. Whether you believe that you get what you give let's help you get clear on if you should be waiting until you're "rich" before you start giving to charity or others.

A few key questions to ask yourself are:

What are your goals? 

How much do you need before you're "rich" & what does rich actually look like for you?

Sitting down & really reflecting upon these 2 questions will help you to answer whether you feel you are in a position to give either to volunteering, a for purpose cause or even your time to friends and family. A lot of this is likely to do with mindset and how safe and secure you feel in your financial life. We want to be clear that there really is not a right or wrong answer here however this is a key topic that a lot of people won't necessarily talk about & at Money Glee we're all about talking on the points that affect your financial lives.

We'd love to know whether you feel "rich" enough yet to give back?

What types of things are you able to give; your time, money or skills?

When will you have enough & how can we help you get there?

Remember it's more about the journey than the destination

Remember it's more about the journey than the destination

Okay onto a fun part of the post :)

What we'll be doing here at Money Glee is continuing to acknowledge people in the personal finance (PF) & occasionally outside of the PF community who are doing awesome or cool work!

We want to keep paying it forward & giving more back, so every second Thursday of the month there'll be a talk about them post. Check out April's post here if you're interested in taking a look at Michael from Financially Alert and Dom from Gen Y Finance Guy (GYFG), another 2 great bloggers out there :)!

In May, we're going to get some lovely ladies featured & without further adieu here are 2 brilliant bloggers!

Sarah from The Frugal Millionaire Blog - I've been following Sarah's blog for over 12 months, very catchy name & she's super funny :)! The thing that is awesome about Sarah is while her goals of reaching 10K income per month are there, her family is much more important to her. She's a great example of a Money Glee life & you should definitely check her out! 

J from Hey It's Just Money - J is an Aussie or at least an Australian personal finance blogger, which automatically makes her awesome right ;) haha, sorry couldn't help it there. While we've only been following J recently, what's beautiful about her blog is the great story she is able to tell about combining her life journey and personal finance journey. Here is a sample of the refreshing vulnerability with which J writes on a personal story here

We'd love to thank everyone reading, be grateful for all of the comments, likes, shares etc and ask that if there are any topics you'd like to read about related to personal finance or life, hit us up.

If there is someone you read who we should be checking out let us know?

Any questions, comments you had about personal finance definitely let us know as well :). Remember to live your Money Glee!