Money Glee Monday #26 - Curing materlialism & time for a change

Welcome, welcome welcome! Money Glee Monday about curing materialism & becoming more minimalist. Read on til the end to see a change in the way we're going to do things here, exciting times :)

Sure this may make you feel uncomfortable as aren't those minimalists all about being frugal, going without & burning all of your possessions? Well maybe some of them are however what we're talking about here won't be this, so breathe easy. Kudos to those people who are literal minimalists & can live life by burning all your possessions, this isn't us though.

So what is minimalism then & how does it help cure materialism?

Minimalism can be taken to mean a reduction of items, things you do etc. You ask how does this help cure materialism?

Here's the way you can hack your possessions, finances & productivity:

Imagine that you want to buy that brand new pair of slick heels, sweet kicks (shoes) or that new IPhone, here's a process that you'll find can & will help you out if you apply properly

  1. If it is an item of clothing or something you have many things of i.e. shoes before you buy a new pair, you'll need to give one of your old pair away. This can help you to realise that you may not need a new pair or t-shirt & also reduce clutter from your life
  2. Consider the purchase for at least a week before committing to it. While we acknowledge that there may be some limitations here, start to consciously think about the purchase, can you live without it or what benefit will it add to your life?
  3. Consider how much of your salary the item will cost. Imagine you earn $800 a week & you want to buy a new IPhone for $1600. This basically means that it will take you two weeks of working to buy that phone. Is your current phone okay & what could you use that extra $1600 to do i.e. go on a holiday, invest or send your kids to college / university
  4. If after going through and considering the above you still believe you need the item, then you possibly do. Go ahead & pick yourself up the item

While there are no or very few guarantees in life, once you start to start to take into account the above 4 steps, you're likely to have the following benefits:

  • Have less stuff in your closet & be grateful for the new things that you do buy
  • Reduce the amount of spending you use, meaning you can then give back more to fulfil your other goals, dreams and visions
  • Care less about materialistic pursuits & be content with spending less / being a minimalist

This post is not about you becoming a monk, renouncing all forms of capitalism and meditating for 16 hours a day. Sure this works for some however it's really about making you deliberate in the way we're spending.

Now on to our exciting & new announcement

Now on to our exciting & new announcement

They say that:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” Albert Einstein

We're going to mix up what we do here; while it's a minor change there will be a movement from 2 posts per week to 1. This is due to wanting to work on delivering great value outside of blog posts. In the longer term we'll generate a resources page, E-Books, video content & even an app to track your Money Glee habits :).

This is an exciting change that will give us the opportunity to focus on delivering great value to the audience! Okay any feedback on this or what you'd like to have help you with your finances, let us know.

What are your thoughts on materialism?

How have you become more minimalist or is this something that's not important to you?

We'd love for you to let us know how we can help you with your money habits & if you could like, share or comment that would be fantastic! Remember to live your Money Glee!