Thought piece Thursday #25 Why relationships can be scary?

Are you terrified or relationships? Chances are you're not alone if you said yes

Why should we be afraid of them though, what impact does this have upon your finances & what relationships are we talking about here?

What type of relationships are we talking about?

Any type of relationships, be they a professional or personal there is potential to come across fear or be uncomfortable in any connection you have to a person. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Work
  • Client
  • Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Husband or Wife
  • Mother / Father other relative
  • Daughter or Son
  • Sporting team
  • Friends

As you can see there are a lot of relationships or different types of people we can have relationships with.

There are many dynamics in many different types of relationships

There are many dynamics in many different types of relationships

Is there any reason to be afraid of relationships?

Short answer here is not really, is not really an answer? Okay while the audience debates if not really is an answer, generally there is no reason to have fear in relationships.

Where our fear comes from is the fear or chance that we may have our feelings, views or ideas rejected. Whether this is a rational or irrational, leaning towards irrational however this is up for debate, a great way is to learn about why you're feeling an emotion & have the difficult conversation, previously written about here!

Reasons why relationships can be scary though could include:

  • Concern that the other person might not like you or they may like you too much
  • Giving up the freedom you have
  • Settling and then realising that your missing out
  • Holding you back from achieving your own goals and objectives
  • Not being something you've adjusted to or stepping outside your comfort zone  

When this fear does strike, an important thing to do is feel the fear and do it anyway, or at least understand why you're afraid of that particular relationship.

What impact do relationships being scary have upon your finances?

As you know we're all about the personal finances here. What impact does a relationship potentially being scary have upon your finances?

  • It could mean combining your finances (if it is a romantic relationship)
  • It may cost you more if you are having kids or going out with friends more
  • You might lose "control" of your own financial destiny (although this is really a mindset)
  • You may not be able to achieve your own financial goals

While these could and are likely to be difficult, we've previously discussed about financial stress in relationships

Overall while yes relationship can be complex, new and "scary" what is the consequence of not having them in your life?

What are your thoughts on relationships? 

Which fears do you face in new or in your current relationships?

Which topics would you like to see more of & how can we help you with your Money Glee?

Thanks for reading, we'd love to hear from you & remember to live your Money Glee! :)