Going away though we're still here!

You read right, the majority of the Money Glee crew are heading away on a trip for 4 and a half weeks.

What does this mean?

Not a lot really, there are plenty of posts (at least once a week) still coming your way. We'd love to see your comments, let us know topic suggestions & share, like + get involved as Money Glee is as much your as ours so interact with the posts & community here.

Why this is important?

Taking a break & a true break rather than a 2 day weekend where you spend half of it on your phone or laptop is great to refresh you & spend time with those you love or even by yourself.

This is a big part of the Money Glee movement & we'd be faking it if we didn't take a break every now and then.

Looks similar to where we're taking off

Looks similar to where we're taking off

Okay enough talking about it we're off! Enjoy our articles, what are you up to over the next 4 weeks? What's happening in your life at the moment?

Remember to live your Money Glee!