Money Glee Monday #25 - 3 Ways to spend spontaneously

As you may know we tend to think about things differently here at Money Glee!

Not that the traditional way is wrong however we say why do we do things the way we do them or why isn't there another answer. In talking about this topic we'd love to thank Money Brilliant for their discussion on 10 Ways to Curb spontaneous spending

While it is great to occasionally avoid things that may cause us pain, why not focus on ways you actually can do a thing i.e. ways to exercise correctly or ways to create a spending plan rather than what we don't want? Read more about focus here

Okay great, what are the 3 ways that you can spend spontaneously?


    Be okay with it
    Know that it is okay if you go out & spend $100 at dinner on a Friday night out with friends. Rather than feel guilty, which then makes you feel worse and create a scarcity money mindset, why not be comfortable and deliberate about what you have done. While this is not a free pass to go out every second night & max out your credit cards, consider what a healthy relationship with money looks like for you. Treat yourself occasionally & then pull back in other areas when you do.

  2. Get in touch with which hobbies are important to you
    Linked to being okay with it, understand the types of hobbies you enjoy. This could range from hiking, having a picnic with friends or family and even watching a movie at home. Once we realise that not everything we want to do needs to cost money, you can then open yourself up with your finances to have that 100 or 400$ night out.

If getting out in nature is your thing, this is an inexpensive activity

If getting out in nature is your thing, this is an inexpensive activity

3. Split the costs with friends or family

Be comfortable with having tough conversations about splitting the bill for example. Once you start to realise that those who care about you aren't going to bite your head off, unless they're on the latest episode of the Walking Dead, you see that you're able to split bills. Most people are happy to spend time & go halves in the cost of an activity with you. Having the expectation that you always need to pay means you are possibly uncomfortable with the relationship. Now we hope that isn't too controversial however if this speaks to you, then attempt it next time

Now that you can see that spending spontaneously is easy and the importance of focusing on what you want rather than what you don't want then you can keep on shifting your relationship with money.

What ways do you spend spontaneously?

How are you being held back & what can help this for you?

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