Thought piece Thursday #24 - Is it about the journey or the destination + Talk about them (check out some great Personal Finance Bloggers)

Welcome to a special edition of Money Glee that comes around once a month, be careful if you blink you'll miss it. It's okay though as today's topic will help you realise that it's about the journey or is it about the destination?

What is the answer to the age old question of whether it's about the journey or the destination?

 Why it's about the destination:

  • If you do not have a destination in mind any path will get you there. Cliched however it is true. When was the last time you wanted to go to work, a concert, the shops or anywhere without first thinking that you wanted to go there?
  • What you focus on expands. If you focus on nothing, that's probably what will happen, while if you focus on having a beautiful job, great friends and a racing relationship, this is what will eventually happen
  • We all love being able to see the target (okay most of us do). As emotional humans most of us are motivated by getting something or a reward. How many of you want the latest IPhone, Porsche Baxter or trip to Africa (We'll put our hands up for this one ;) )? What this means is that we are motivated by rewards and hitting goals

Why it's about the journey:

  • Learning is more important than the outcome. While getting that trip to Africa or new IPhone is great reward, what did you learn along the way to get to this outcome or destination? If you can learn and understand how you got there, you can use these behaviours and habits to get you to the next destination
  • There will likely be more things that you want. If you feel that by reaching one destination you will be satisfied, think again. Unfortunately we're not very happy, unless you're a better person that us, standing still. Therefore, focusing on learning, developing & improving yourself by collecting experiences from your destinations, you can then start to help others & move from success to significance
  • The destination (object) generally doesn't create lasting happiness. Getting to the destination will make you happy for about 5 mins. Imagine the last time you got that pay rise, how long did it keep you happy for? While sure it's nice to be able to celebrate with friends and family about your achievements, trips & successes usually you want more after you stop & take a breath. While the journey will not necessarily give you any more happiness, usually the process or learning that you gain from it is able to help out with creating long-term contentedness.

Okay now let's see who the special guests on the blog for this month are:

See what we did here haha?

See what we did here haha?

What we'll be doing here at Money Glee is continuing to acknowledge people in the personal finance (PF) & occasionally outside of the PF community who are doing awesome or cool work!

We want to keep paying it forward & giving more back, so every second Thursday of the month there'll be a talk about them post. Check out May's post here if you're interested in taking a look at Sarah from The Frugal Millionaire and J from Hey It's Just Money, another 2 great bloggers out there :)!

Justin from Root of Good - Love this guy, who says "Retired 2 years ago at 33. Life is Good." If you're looking for someone to speak about cool trips, early "retirement" tips & all things great in life & personal finances, check this blog out

Tristan from Dividends Down Under - Okay maybe there is a theme of Aussie bloggers developing here, can you blame me though? Once you read this guys blog & appreciate how generous he is with commenting, reaching out and in general being a top bloke! It's great to watch his blog & dividend income grow and can't forget that his lovely wife Jasmine is a big part of their "Australian personal finance blog about investing in Australia for dividends and freedom". Very appropriate about the journey & check these guys out! :)

We'd love to thank everyone reading, be grateful for all of the comments, likes, shares etc and ask that if there are any topics you'd like to read about related to personal finance or life, hit us up.

If there is someone you read who we should be checking out let us know?

Which one are you about, the journey or the destination & why?

Any questions, comments you had about personal finance definitely let us know as well :). Remember to live your Money Glee!