Thought piece Thursday #27 - Procrastinating your way to success

Have you ever seen those people who seem to effortlessly achieve success?

No unfortunately we aren't going to give you the secret on how to do this, please let us know if you discover it & then we can dominate the world in our afternoon nap.

In all seriousness though do you want to know how to procrastinate your way to success?

We're confident you said yes & even if not you're loving the cat pic for the post so here's 5 reasons how procrastinating can lead to your success:

  1. Our brains need time to relax, stop thinking & gain space. There is immense power in doing nothing, have you ever had that brilliant shower idea or late at night when you were watching Netflix. The reason why is that you left space for new thoughts & ideas to pop in
  2. Creativity takes spare time & spare time often = procrastination. What do you normally do with your "spare" time, probably think about all of the things you should be doing. When you stop thinking about all of that stuff on your to do list you'll be amazed how creative you'll be
  3. You'll likely end up reading or wanting to get active. If you're anything like a typical Gen Y, you possibly can't keep still & require entertainment. As a result when you're procrastinating you'll end up finding something you've kept putting off i.e. reading that extra book or writing in your journal. This will help with 1 & 2 above
  4. You'll likely be getting more sleep. When you get more sleep & we're not talking about having 15 hours, you're turning into a koala if this is the case, it gives your brain the opportunity to rejuvenate, improving memory & helping you think clearer. As a result you'll likely be more imaginative & innovative
  5. It will leave time to meet your co-founder / mentor or clients - While you're hanging around procrastinating on getting productive who know's who you may run into. Provided you aren't a complete hermit by procrastinating you can have a reasonably free schedule to book in meetings with people who you really want to rather than booking a meeting with everyone simply to fill the time.
Why not even take a stroll around your local city and procrastinate on purpose

Why not even take a stroll around your local city and procrastinate on purpose

Okay now that you know how to start procrastinating your way to success what are you waiting for get out there & start procrastinating!

A big caveat to this though is the importance of taking action. Sure procrastination can be great however there is nothing more powerful that supercharges doing nothing than getting involved in productive activity.

What is it that you find procrastination is useful for?

How do you procrastinate?

Which areas of your life do you wish you could take more action in?

We're back on board now & will be fielding / reviewing all of your comments + really mastering the art of procrastination. Remember to live your Money Glee!