Money Glee Monday #28 - Money vs. Friendships, what is more important & who should pay?

We've previously spoken about the link between money & happiness & if money can make you happy. Let's take a step further, tear back a layer of the onion & look at Money vs Friends, which is more important & who should pay? Woah that's a lot of charged topics there however let's get started.

 Money vs Friends, what's more important?

The answer to this is that it depends on many factors. A highly politically correct answer although it is likely to depend on how close your friend is, your upbringing, your friends circle etc. Generally a friend is going to be there for you while your money may not always be there. Having said this it's important to not be taken advantage of with something that is important to you and your immediate family.

Let's bring in another perspective though & mention that they are likely 2 sides of different coins i.e. you don't have to choose between having friends and / or money.

Imagine a case where you have great supportive friends and an abundance of money & that this is completely possible however it boils down to communication and being clear on what is important to you.

Are Money & Friendships incompatible or separate things altogether?

Are Money & Friendships incompatible or separate things altogether?

Importantly, who picks up the bill when being out with friends?

To the age old question, or at least the past 100 years or so, who is it that pays for those beers in the bar or heading out for a meal with friends?

To throw a Money Glee perspective in there, does it matter?

Yes, it does matter in certain circumstances. It matters where you're spending 100's or 1000's of dollars or going out with friends who are expecting you to pay.

If there's one things that we've learned in life it's that unfortunately there are usually no black or white or simple answers. Having said this usually it's easy to tell when you're being taken advantage of. When you pay for one person though sometimes another friend of yours will pay next time, so usually it will all work out.

What are your thoughts on Friendship vs. Money? Is it even something that should be considered as competing and how has it affected your friendships?

What other issues have popped up in your friendships?

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Remember to live your Money Glee! :)