Thought piece Thursday #30 - Are you afraid of change?

The short answer to this one is of course you are! If you aren't please share your secret, then we can all overcome fear

The better question, is what to do when you find yourself afraid of change?

Why we're afraid of change?

  • It means movement away from the known, learning new things & that we may not be successful
  • There could be a lack of acceptance in the new environment & lack of acceptance could in the extreme mean death*
  • It really can be a pain in the backside :O

Okay, look we get it you don't like change, neither do we however it is inevitable so what can do to embrace, conquer and understand why change can and is good for you and humans.

How to overcome change & changes!

First of all we'd like to caveat that we're not change experts of change managers however here are some tips:

  • Start placing yourself in situations you would not normally be in. This works well with most things in life, by starting to shift in small manageable steps, it becomes easier although not easy
  • Do it with a group. Sure you may not always be able to have a heard of 100's embrace the change with you, however find someone who is changing. Even if there is no one directly changing with you hit up social media & share the transformation and change you're making
  • Focus on what you're moving towards. Having a vision of what the change will help you achieve can be a critical driving force behind keeping you motivated on taking the steps you'll need to take
  • Measure the progress your making. Change as we've mentioned can be hard although tracking and seeing the progress you're making gives the ability for you to see how far you've come. While not everything can be tracked with numbers, even writing down how you feel about the situation can help to evaluate the progress you're making
Consider change to be the chance to flower in a new environment

Consider change to be the chance to flower in a new environment

What are you feelings, thoughts and ideas about change?

In which areas is it holding you back? What has helped you to overcome it?

We'd love you to like, comment, share & remember to live you Money Glee! :)