Money Glee Monday #31 - The Money Letters we write ourselves

Let's get a bit personal here! Sure while our target audience is millennials, it's likely you'll start having or already have kids soon.

We're going to tackle a taboo topic that isn't about the birds and the bees! What else could it be? Politics? No Religion? No it's something that affects everyone whether we like it or not... Money!

This has been inspired by a NY Times article that talks about the money letter every parent should write. While the article is great & we whole-heatedly suggest you write one to your kids, let's focus on you!

The Money Letter you write yourself

First of all, if you know anything about Money Glee you'll know that this all about Money. While we all love Money, more on that hereit's about your values and what it means to you. With this in mind, consider what the following in the Money letter you write yourself:

Would your #1 value be to look after your family?

Would your #1 value be to look after your family?

Let's get into an example of a Money letter that could look very similar to the one you write yourself:

Dear Money Glee,

Money is abundant & there is plenty to go round for everyone. Most important is to have fun, leave a legacy & look after the ones you love. It's important to remember that while Money can be great, it simply is only a tool which is a great servant but a terrible master. Key things for you are to give back, see the world & have freedom and flexibility to work in what and with who you would like.

Be patience & appreciate that Money can and will go as quickly as it comes. This is why it is important to place importance on relationships, with loyalty & communication vital skills that Money can't buy but can help you develop.

Remember to keep in mind that while you may not be able to take Money with you, there is great opportunity for it to help others out once you have moved on



Now isn't that sweet or at least short right? Sure this can continue to be developed over time & is likely to change however once you have you Money vision in play, the rest will start to fall into place.

What about you, what sort of things would you write in your Money letter to yourself?

Do you see value in considering these types of things?

Which things do you fear about Money?

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