Thought piece Thursday #28 - Navigating the world outside of school

How has everyone been over the last month?

We're back on deck & ready to bring you more value when navigating life and the personal finance world. It seems appropriate to talk about the world outside of school with the first article back.

School can mean university, college or high school & it can & will change for readers once they leave it.

5 Key changes once you leave school

  1. You're now on a stricter schedule & being late has consequences
  2. There are bills or board to pay, unless you're really lucky
  3. There's more responsibility for you to organise what you eat, how much you spend among other "adult" decisions
  4. Work involves interacting with people from different age groups and communicating with people of all types of experiences, knowledge and ideas
  5. You're not likely to have as much spare time or get ~14 weeks holidays anymore

Life can be great though as you navigate the world outside of school, there's the following awesome things you can look forward to:

  • Independence - While they say that with great power come's great responsibility, you can also leave the herd or family with more confidence too
  • Getting paid - Sure while you may have had the odd summer or casual job, generally once you've finished school you'll be able to earn much more. This means you are able to buy a car, travel, go out to dinner or fancy restaurants along with the possibility to invest
  • Having a "real" relationship - Although we know you all thought your highschool sweetheart was "the one" it starts to become more real once you leave school. As we grow up, you'll see and feel changes about what you like doing, what is important to you & what doesn't really matter
  • You'll value your spare time - Now that you don't have a big abundance of holidays you'll start to manage your time better. This includes when and where you holiday, how you spend your weekends or even the time after work
  • You can still do all of the cool things you did as a kid - Having a pillow fight, eating too much ice-cream, staying up late to watch a TV series marathon. These are all still possible once you leave school, simply with a little more responsibility
Sometimes it's nice to have the confidence to leave the herd!

Sometimes it's nice to have the confidence to leave the herd!

Okay well, while it can be intimidating to leave & navigate the world outside of school as you can see above it genuinely is a world of opportunities. What this means for your finances are that you have greater freedom & opportunity to do what you'd like & tread your own path.

What are your thoughts about navigating the world outside of school? 

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it about what you know now?

Let us know what types of articles you'd like to read, we're going to look to become more finance focused or would you like to see the mixture continue?

Shout out to & share us, as always remember to live you Money Glee!