Money Glee Monday #32 - Do we always control our Money choices?

Have you ever thought about how much control you have over your life? Are we all living in the matrix or do you feel you always have control over your money choices?

Interesting question here about Money and our "choices".

What can we control?

Before we get into a discussion that involves control and money let's consider what degree of control you have:

  • Your level of control can relate to how much agency or ability to make your own decision
  • How well are you trained to make the decision or confront the situation
  • Environmental factors such as upbringing and friendship groups
The beauty of nature is not something we can control!

The beauty of nature is not something we can control!

What level of control do you have over your money?

It is unlikely that you can control the housing market and whether that rental property or share you own increase by 400% in 6 months. If you can work this out please let us all know. Key areas that you can control are:

  • Your savings rate
  • Where and what you spend your money on
  • How much money you earn
  • How much you are investing
  • How much debt you are taking on

It's important to consider that irrespective of how much you want to be in control of a situation, including your Money, there is generally going to be a degree of uncertainty.

Given that it is important to acknowledge we don't and cant control all of what happens to our Money, it is vital that you put plans in place for the unexpected.

We'll talk more about controlling or mitigating risks associated with your Money decisions in future posts.

How do you feel about your Money?

What sort of control and security do you have over it?

What can help you to gain more control?

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