Money Glee Monday #33 - 5* ways to gain control over your Money

How are we tracking this week? Feel like you've got control over how it's all going?

Today we'll follow up a post about if you have control over your Money.

Now if you like the most of us don't "always" have control over you money your in for a treat with this post.

5 ways to gain control over your Money

  1. Track it
    You can't improve what you don't measure. With services like Personal Capital and Good Budget there really is no excuse to track your finances. Even if you were to use the trusty old Excel spreadsheet you can pull together an understanding of how your finances are tracking and then start to gain "control"
  2. Prioritise it
    Without making money and planning your finances a priority how will you ever become better with it? Spend time during the week considering where you spend, save and invest your money. You'll be amazed where that time will take your finances
  3. Learn it
    Start reading finance articles, speaking with mentors who are "good" with money, listening to finance podcasts and reading books to do with personal finances. Take it easy though, like anything in life if we become too intense it's unlikely your passion and focus will last
  4. Appreciate it
    We're not saying to take your money to bed although it's really about taking some time out of your week to be grateful for all of the financial abundance you already have. Especially if you're from a developed country you likely have plenty of cash to support yourself on.
  5. Outsource it
    Sounds strange that outsourcing would lead to more control right? By getting an expert such as a financial planner or money coach on board though you'll be able to gain more understanding to help you how to become better at numbers 1 - 4
  6. Let go of control (bonus)
    They say that the tighter you hold onto something the more likely it is to slip through your fingers. This is true with money as with most things in life. It's a balancing act though and get some control is vital if you are to create more money bliss/glee in your life
Like time if you measure your money you'll understand how you are tracking

Like time if you measure your money you'll understand how you are tracking

What ways have you gained control with your finances?

What parts of your Money are you struggling with?

How have you enjoyed spending your Money recently?

We'd love your likes, comments and any questions you may have. Remember to live your MoneyGlee!