Personal Budget Update December - What goals are you setting in 2017?

Hey Money Glee movement folk, hope you had a fun, happy and safe end to 2016, with no hangover ;)

If you'd like to take a look back November's numbers, take a look here!

Here's a monthly look-back at finances for December and it's not necessarily pretty although it's important to be fully transparent, well here goes, enjoy the financial porn below!

December monthly numbers


Planned - $60                       Actual - $60

Right on target this month, got to love the personal development reading. What books have you been reading?


Planned - $450                   Actual - $712

Went over by a significant number this month due to a trip away and other Festivus activities. Not unhappy although do want to improve and even reduce this number

Food Groceries

Planned - $130                   Actual - $141

Same same here, happy despite being over. This is a broad category and could include much more


Planned - 52$                                Actual - 52$

Again, this expense will stay constant unless there is a longer month. Really been loving an app called the 7 min work-out and who know's could cut this out


Planned - 39$                            Actual - 39$

Happy and on point with the spending for the mobile category this month


Planned - 260$                        Actual - 498$

Similar to entertainment, this one blew out due to Christmas gifts etc.. Should be reduced in January


Planned - 750$                       Actual - 722$

Happy with this although not entirely unexpected :)


Planned - 265$                      Actual - 389$

Reduced based on November although probably eating out too much, which unsurprisingly leads to higher spending in this category. One area where the fat could be trimmed (pardon the pun) ;)


Planned - 300$                     Actual - 441$

With a few more trips away this wasn't entirely unexpected. Will likely increase the planned in 2017 to reflect higher costs in public transport

Below is a visual representation of the Money Glee month in numbers

Unfortunately a lot of red on this screenshot

Unfortunately a lot of red on this screenshot

How's about the audience, how was your December from a spending and personal perspective?

Clearing up for the beginning of 2017! 

Clearing up for the beginning of 2017! 

Onto a big topic that a lot of us have probably looked into although can tend to fall off the bandwagon as we progress through the year, that is goal-setting!

What goals have you or are you setting for 2017? If there's enough interest we'll write a whole post for you!

Did this help you? If so, please share!

Thanks for reading and here's to a fantastic 2017! Remember to live you Money Glee