Thought piece Thursday #42 - Goals for 2017; "The Big 6"

This is an incredibly tough post to write! That doesn't mean however that it is not important. Why is it so tough to talk about goals for now? Read on til the end and you'll find out more!

What is the big 6 exactly?

It's really an artificial creation intended to make them more important although what could possibly be more important that one's goals? Before we get stuck into the nuts and bolts of the goals we'd like to go about them in a different matter by focusing on the process and then quantifying the number rather than it being purely about a number. Feel free to offer feedback on this concept although we're all about creating habits that are sustainable:

  1. Set a reminder to exercise every day
    The purpose of this goal is to make sure that a habit of exercising become ingrained. Exercise is important as it leads to healthy eating and becoming more effective plus being able to spend more time with loved ones.
    Measurable outcome: Exercise 4 times per week or 209 times in the year 
  2. Watch the meals that are being eaten and focus on sleep
    Similar to exercise eating habits and sleep habits contribute to overall health. What this will specifically mean is cutting back on alcohol, coffees and making sure that the amount of sleep in maximised
    Measurable outcome: Drink alcohol once per week (on average), a maximum of 3 coffees (per week) and sleep for 6hrs 30 (on average) per night
  3. Be more mindful through meditation
    Meditation is an activity that I've been working on and off for the last 2 years. You'll find that a lot of the ultra successful people sing high praises about the benefits of meditation and practice it regularly
    Measurable outcome: Meditate for a minimum of 10 minutes 4 times per week
  4. Read and learn more
    They say that readers are leaders however we'll replace this with learners are leaders. The importance of personal development and continuous learning can not be under-estimated. Whether it be about personal finance, careers, communication or relationships learning is vital
    Measurable outcome: Read 53 books in 2017 and take 4 Udemy courses
  5. Move into more meaningful work
    This one sounds very vague however "meaningful" means from both a financial and type of work perspective. For me this will look to involve volunteering and having a financially rewarding role with a distinct career path
    Measurable outcome: Volunteer once a month and enter stock-broking/financial analyst career path earning 6 figures
  6. Start striving towards FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early)
    FIRE for us is going to be all about making sure we're living life on our terms and being able to volunteer, learn new things, travel and spend time with family + possibly start a decent side business. To do this we'll be looking to create at least 5 income streams such as P2P Lending, Dividend Investing, Real Estate Income, Business Income
    Measurable outcome: Achieve FIRE by November 3 2029 (age 40) meaning investment income of 150K. This is lofty although the cost of living in Australia is higher than most of the globe
But wait there is a twist in the tale, read on to learn more

But wait there is a twist in the tale, read on to learn more

What is this twist that is about to be presented you wonder. The Money Glee operator is heading off overseas for ~6 months from March 2017. What will this mean for the above written goals and the site. Well it'll mean that in some of the above goals there will be a caveat, however it will still be tracked. The site will still have plenty of content coming although the comments may not be replied to.

We'll share more of what we can however for now keep on kicking your goals.

How are your goals tracking for 2017?

Did this help you? If so, please share!

Remember to live your Money Glee!