Thought piece Thursday #44 - 3 reasons why sacrificing now to succeed later makes sense

In the theme of doing things that others aren't prepared to, read more on this here, does it pay to sacrifice now to succeed later?

Now there is nothing wrong with sacrificing or celebrating now however there's one key question to ask yourself. Whether it be related to your career, finances, relationships or business that key question is:

What is right for you based on your current circumstances?

3 reasons why sacrificing now to succeed later may make sense

  1. You have a massive vision
    If your vision is to cure cancer or build 100 homes a year to support a local community, this will require significant time and effort on your behalf
  2. You value time and lifestyle freedom
    Paying homage to the man, the legend Tim Ferriss there is an increasing movement of people attempting to look at the 4 Hour work week. While this may be somewhat of a myth and I'm sure Tim works more than 4 hours, he is working on projects he is passionate about, loves and of his choosing
  3. You want to take control of your own destiny
    Similar to the above you value freedom and the best way to do this is to sacrifice now on certain things to then live a life that others are unlikely to be able to

A big caveat to the above is that there is no guarantee that sacrificing will bring success although by not making sacrifices you're less likely to achieve your goals. It is important to keep in mind that the goal or vision is unlikely to bring happiness and the outcome of having the material things is less likely to do this as well.

It's damn important to enjoy the ride along the way and take breaks as well. A break could simply be going out to the park with friends, family or a pet and chilling out. While life can genuinely be too short it's also too short to not enjoy yourself on occasions.

Taking time out while sacrificing is also vitally important

Taking time out while sacrificing is also vitally important


What things are you sacrificing to achieve?

How are you still taking time to enjoy the ride?

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