Money Glee Monday #39 - 3 reasons why the cost of school is worth it

Wow, amazing that we're already 1/12th of the way through the year! How has January been treating you? Have you considered changing roles, getting into more education and have you kept up with those crazy new years resolutions?

We're keen to not necessarily talk you into doing education however what we will do is present a perspective about the costs. As we know though it's not all about the money, or is it?

Reasons why the cost of school is worth it?

  1. You'll be in a high paying industry that requires formal education
    If you require a degree to become an aeronautical engineer or an anaesthetist then perhaps consider going ahead and knocking yourself out (pardon the pun). Consider the costs and why you are doing it though, if you're doing it purely for the money we implore you to consider your other options  
  2. If someone else is funding you
    We're not encouraging parents to cough up exorbitant amounts of money for your young ones here. Sure if you're a trust fund baby, you probably won't be reading this blog for a start although again go ahead however we're talking about situations where you may be partially funded by an employer or a scholarship. This can be a great opportunity to advance in your chosen field and reduce the costs involved in education
  3. If you'll be studying to work in an area you love
    Sure this may sound like strange advice however if you really want to work in an industry that may not be as lucrative that requires a degree then consider, key word CONSIDER paying for school and or education. Be clear though on how you are going to live once you've graduated, this includes being responsible for paying back your debts, considering investing and potentially supporting a family if this is on your horizon
It's all glum when it comes to paying for school, every dog has it's day ;)

It's all glum when it comes to paying for school, every dog has it's day ;)

Over to you Money Glee readers out there, what are your thoughts on student loans and paying for education?

How have you gotten creative to pay for your education?

Did this help you? If so, please share! Remember to live your Money Glee! :)