Thought piece Thursday #45 - Top 3 things we fear about money + Talk about them (check out a great blogger)

Fear is a strong word although for many it is what they feel about finances and more specifically their money. While a few of us may be brave and rarely feel too much concern about money, we want to put it out there that being fearful about money can be normal, although it does not need to be. Let's dig into something which may hit a few nerves and look at the top 3 thing we feel that people fear about money. Stay reading as we'll have a great blogger to bring you as well.

  1. That we won't have enough
    While not having "enough" is not a unique feeling to money it is particular strong around this resource which currently we still use and need. This thought could come from childhood, our upbringing, friends or even ourselves and may not be solved by getting more of it.
  2. That we will lose it
    Building wealth is all good and well however a fear that once we do this is that we might lose it all. Even if this may seem crazy and strange, similar to not having enough, the thought that we will lose it can come from our environment. Also by focusing on what we don't want, it can often become a self-fulfling prophecy   
  3. That it won't make us happy
    Even once we have the money in the bank, there's a fear that even then we won't be happy. This hammers home the point that money won't buy happiness it'll simply magnify more of the person you already are. If you're chasing money for the happiness or to become happy, consider and really reflect on if you feel that gaining it will bring you what you desire. While it may not make you unhappy, it's also unlikely to bring happiness if you aren't already happy.
Money can and hopefully will create feelings of abundance for you

Money can and hopefully will create feelings of abundance for you

If you're interested we'll do a follow up on what you can do about your money "fears"?

Now on to the fun stuff and what we're continuing to do here at Money Glee is to continue acknowledging people in the personal finance (PF) & occasionally the broader blogging community, who are doing awesome & cool work!

We want to keep paying it forward & giving more back, so every second Thursday of the month there'll be a talk about them post. Check out February's post here if you're interested in taking a look at the Team over at VTX capital who are bringing great investment information.

Onto a blogger we'll bring you this month called the "Investment Hunter", who's site is "hunting" for dividends over at Investment Hunting (check him out). What's great about this person is his vision and he's a funny guy as well mentioning "Think of me as the masked man dividend investor equivalent to Batman." If you're looking for information and inspiration, check out the site!

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