Money Glee Monday #41 - Quora Question of the Month - How do people feel about money after becoming extremely wealthy?

To get more out there and understand what is important in people's finance's plus for the occasional fun question, we've introduced the Quora Question of the Month. Check out February's question about the most poorly understood area of personal finance. We'll source a question that appears to be getting plenty of attention on Quora.

This month we're going to tackle one that I'm sure most of us have thought through. That is how people feel about money after becoming extremely wealthy. The short answer is they probably feel pretty damn good about it, however it's not that simple as with most things in life, which is good.

As we get into thinking about money when your wealthy imagine you are the owner of the below place

How are you going to feel once you're extremely wealthy? What does that mean to you?

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