Personal Spending Plan Update Febuary - The only constant in life is change

Amazing to consider that 1/6 of the year has already flown out the window, how has your financial and non-financial years gone to date?

Here's our monthly look-back at finances for February and this month has been another improvement based on January. We recognise that it's important to be fully transparent so here goes, enjoy the financial porn below!

February monthly numbers


Planned - $60                       Actual - $60

Right on track with the book expenses this month. If I'm honest haven't been reading as much as I'd have liked given the upcoming trip and planning although looking forward to doing plenty of reading while I'm on tour


Planned - $450                   Actual - $439

Over the moon with the entertainment expenses for this month and I see this as being the first month we're under. Still could cut a bit of the fat out of this part of the budget although happy to see a downward trend

Food Groceries

Planned - $130                   Actual - $141

Same same here, happy despite being over. This is a broad category and could include much more. This is exactly the same amount as December and January which is quirky.


Planned - 52$                                Actual - 52$

Again, this expense will stay constant unless there is a longer month. Have dropped off the 7 min work-out app and it's something I want to get back into


Planned - 39$                            Actual - 45$

Happy and almost on point with the spending for the mobile category this month


Planned - 260$                        Actual - 158$

Similar to entertainment, and very happy to have lived up to the expectation of this being reduced in February.


Planned - 750$                       Actual - 700$

Happy with this although not entirely unexpected :), perhaps this one is cheating :P


Planned - 265$                      Actual - 285$

This is probably over as a result of not including some expenses which could have been considered "miscellaneous". Perhaps I could increase this section and reduce entertainment although still not too unhappy. Have been consciously eating out less and more at home with the girlfriend.


Planned - 350$                     Actual - 297$

I'd say that $300 is more realistic when not travelling to work on a daily basis and may need to be increased once I return from Africa.

Below is a visual representation of the Money Glee month in numbers

How did your February numbers end up?

The Feb numbers in all of their glory

The Feb numbers in all of their glory

Onto a more philosophical note here, they say that the only constant in life is death and taxes. Sure this is true however lets through in change in there as another constant. Think about your life for a second, are you the same person as you were a year, month or even a week ago? If you are then you probably haven't been doing much with your life. Another factor is whether we like it or not others around us and the environment will inevitably change. What this means is you have 2 choices:

  • We can ignore, put our heads in the sand and pretend this this won't affect us
  • We can take a look at what and how it will affect us and adjust accordingly

Thought we'd throw in a quick discussion on change there, here's hoping there's heaps of positive change in your 2017!

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Thanks for reading and here's to a fantastic March for us all! Remember to live you Money Glee