Thought piece Thursday #49 - Is travel the best learning experience in life? + talk about them (check out a great blogger)

Heya everyone and welcome to a post that we're very passionate about here at Money Glee. If you haven't guessed yet we love travel although there's great things you can gain from it. At the same time it will not be for everyone and while a lot of people these days you've got to do whatever it is for the right or your own reason. Let's get focused though on if travel is the "best learning" experience in life?

Travel and what you can learn from it

Hate or love travel here are some key take-aways from heading overseas:

  • Independence - While you may not be travelling by yourself, going into a foreign country means that you will have to deal with different languages, customs, culture etc and this can lead to greater independence, tolerance and acceptance of others (fingers crossed)
  • Planning - When you head away there are flights you need to book, visas you need to organise and funds that you need to save for. By doing this you will become much better at organising yourself and then being able to apply this to other areas of your life (finances, career, relationships)
  • Resilience - It's likely that not everything will go right for you. When things do go wrong it's likely that you will not expect and need to adjust to it. This will make you more creative at solving problems and help you to bounce back from adversities such as getting your VISA for Brazil (true story) too early
  • Financial lessons - A key one you learn when you travel is that it's not all about the money! Travel is great to show you the importance of looking at experiences rather than possessions. If you love freedom and lifestyle independence (which you can gain from travel) then it will help you to see a reason to strive going beyond working the 9 to 5 in the office cubicle.

What are your thoughts on travel? Is it the best learning experience in life

Now that we've tackled that game changing question, what we're continuing to do here at Money Glee is to continue acknowledging people in the personal finance (PF) & occasionally the broader blogging community, who are doing awesome & cool work!

We want to keep paying it forward & giving more back, so every second Thursday of the month there'll be a talk about them post. Check out Investment Hunting if you're interested in reading about March's Talk about them guest.

Onto this month's special guest and while we don't personally know him, you probably have heard of him, unless you've been living under a rock avoiding frugality, without further adieu we welcome Pete over at Mr Money Moustache (MMM for short). MMM was one of the first personal finance bloggers I read and while has become a lot more mainstream now is very much still a financial badass focused on Financial Independence. While we're not complete advocates of minimalism, it's a great aspect of the person financial community

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