Money Glee Monday #45 - May Quora Question of the Month - Where's the best place to start learning about investing?

Imagine that you are at the beginning of your investment journey that generally should be considered a marathon rather than a sprint and you're stuck at the starting line! Why are you stuck at the starting line? It's because you're not sure where to go and begin, then analysis paralysis sets in and you get stuck at the starting line. While yes investing and finances can be scary, the consequence of not doing so could mean that you might not have the "retirement" that you're after.

Investing can involve a lot of routes and starting can be complicated

Investing can involve a lot of routes and starting can be complicated

3 ways on how to start learning about investing?

Disclaimer *It's important that with any of the below you consult independent advice and double-check the information against multiple sources* Now that we've got that out of the way let's get into some sources.

  • Financial blogs - There's plenty of personal finance blogs out there on real estate, dividend investing, stock investing, bitcoin, mindset, productivity, financial freedom etc. As with most things, buyer beware and understand the results and process behind the person you are reading the information from
  • Youtube - One great source to learn new and engaging financial information is through YouTube videos. The Modern Investor is an example of one of the video channels that we've been looking at and what this is great for is getting creative with business and investing ideas. Keep an open mind although read the above disclaimer
  • Online courses - Doing a quick search for personal finance through Udemy and there are plenty of options to start learning more about investing. What is great about this is you can pick up where you want and spending the time you travel to and from work (if you're taking public transport) gives you the opportunity to learn with time that you might generally be watching netflix

There is always the traditional financial advisers who can offer education although consider the non-traditional methods to get into the "confusing" world of investing.

What ways are have you started to learn about investing?

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