Thought piece Thursday #51 - Why are we (humans) so bad with being disciplined? And 5 ways to overcome this weakness

Have you ever wondered why you haven't been able to focus on sticking to a diet, a budget (or spending plan) or any sort of routine? First of all it's okay you're not alone and plenty of people go through the same type of feelings. The key reason why we as humans lack discipline to keep a routine though is that it's damn BORING!

Even living things with the fiercest of passion will eventually become "Bored"!

Even living things with the fiercest of passion will eventually become "Bored"!

You don't get off that lightly though, even though we agree that counting calories or cents can be and probably is boring there are ways to overcome this and hit your *insert goal here*.

5 ways on how to overcome boredom/laziness etc

  1. Be patient with yourself - It is likely that you'll fall off the wagon at some stage. It's so easy to hit that snooze button on your alarm instead of going to the gym or getting that afternoon chocolate. Be patient with yourself and appreciate that occasionally you will give in to treat and temptation
  2. Meditate - Woah there, you used the M work :O. Meditation for even 10 or a couple of minutes a day will allow you to quieten the mind and is an awesome hack
  3. Get accountability partners - Doesn't have to involve crazy bets although keep in touch with someone you trust and or who has a similar goal to yourself. A great way to share the experience and swap stories
  4. Track your progress - Similar to an accountability partner checking up on yourself (be honest as well) is important and can help you stay in the game
  5. Remember your why - You need to have one of these first i.e. wanting to get fit to keep up with your kids, although once you have this, keep focused and this will keep you on track when you start to stray. 

What are your tips on how to overcome boredom and lack of discipline?

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