Money Glee Monday #47 - Quora Question of the Month - Is it better to work 45 hours a week and earn $100k or to work 80 hours a week and earn $210k?

Sure they say there's no hard work that goes unrewarded although at what stage does the extra hours start to impact other areas of your life?

In our regular Quora Question of the month section we explore the work more hours to increase the amount of income you're earning debate. There are a whole bunch of challenging questions here are some you may want to consider include:

  • How much you are currently earning
  • What your family situation is currently like (do you have kids or are you single)?
  • What is the likelihood of you increasing your income if you do work extra hours i.e. are you paid via a salary or hourly wage?
  • What is your current financial situation like? Are you in debt or what other commitments do you have?
  • What are your current and future financial goals?

In the hypothetical scenario posed by Quora hours are being doubled and this would result in doubling of your income. For us here yes that would be something we'd consider in the short term however working 80 hours or more is generally not a sustainable work arrangement for more than a couple of years.

Is it worth going the extra distance to earn that extra $$?

Is it worth going the extra distance to earn that extra $$?

While admittedly there are people who work more than 80 hours in the longer term, the health effects of doing so are questionable at best.

What are your thoughts, is working longer worth the money (that may or may not be guaranteed)?

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