Thought piece Thursday #53 - If you could take 3 items to a desert Island what would would take?

Today on Money Glee we're going to have a whole bunch of fun. Imagine Lost meets Survivor and you're caught on a ship that is about to sink. You're fortunate enough to have jumped on a rescue boat although are now stranded on a desert island, which items would you take?

  1. Unlimited supply of food - This would null and void any need to hunt for food and turn the deserted island more into paradise?
  2. Fully paid netflix subscription - Gotta have some entertainment on the island right? Not sure how much netflix we'd actually be able to watch before we wanted to get back to writing blog posts for everyone
  3. Box of 6 flares - In case we grew tired of the "deserted' tropical paradise, we'd use these in case of emergency to reach out for help and to escape

* Bonus items - 12 months worth of property magazines - There would have to be some education and investment learning while on the island. These would probably be the thing we'd covert the most

The wreckage from the hypothetical crash ;)!

The wreckage from the hypothetical crash ;)!

These items have all the makings of a TV series, wait they've already done this a few times, we perhaps missed the boat (pun intended!)

What 3 items would you take along if you were "trapped" on a deserted desert island?

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