Thought piece Thursday #54 - Hanging in there when things get tough + talk about them (check out a great blogger)

Welcome to #talkaboutthemThursday, it's that time of the month here on Money Glee again. We're now over half way into the year and we want to encourage you to hang on in there with your goals when the going gets tough.

When the going gets tough it will generally mean that you're doing something that:

  • Is the "right" thing for you and means something
  • Is big enough that it requires a challenge
  • Will eventually lead you to achieving your long-term goals

Strategies that can help you keep on keeping on:

  • Keeping doing the work consistently; rain, hail or shine
  • Review the goal that you're aiming towards. This will help you to keep putting your nose to the grind
  • Taking a break to stop and smell the roses, once you've done the consistent work for the day
The road can be long and winding although if you stay the course it'll lead to success

The road can be long and winding although if you stay the course it'll lead to success

What are your thoughts on how to hang in there when things get tough?

What we're continuing to do here at Money Glee is to continue acknowledging people in the personal finance (PF) & occasionally the broader blogging community, who are doing awesome & cool work!

We want to keep paying it forward & giving more back, so every second Thursday of the month there'll be a talk about them post. 

Money Glee has the pleasure of bringing you a heavyweight in the Personal Finance space this month we're featuring Sam from Financial Samurai. Sam is a humble former banker who writes on topics that are near and dear to the hearts of the Money Glee team. Head on over and be ready to have your mind blown by his epic content

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