Money Glee Monday #49 - 3 great ways to "make" extra money

There are a lot of personal finance blogs and Youtube videos out there telling you ways that you can earn extra money. Today we're going to give you a different approach that may not be related to Instagram marketing, Swagbucks or Uber driving, although those products and services are great.

3 innovative ways to "make" money

  1. Network like it's going out of style - Possibly not what you're expecting. You say, how the heck do you make money networking? Bear with us, the way you can make money networking is by being very targeted on the specific fields of interests that align with your goals. Are you looking to change industries, get a raise or secure rental properties? Target networking and attend events that you know people that can help you achieve your goals will be attending. Be clear on the value that you can add too and you'll be on your way to earning more money!
  2. Get more sleep and look after your health - Again this typically isn't on your personal finance blog list. By sleeping more, eating better and throwing in a work out here and there you are likely to exponentially increase the chances that you will live longer, have less risk of health complications and achieve better in your chosen career
  3. Journal on a daily basis - Journaling is an under-rated tool. Even by sitting down for 10 mins per day you'll be able to reflect, review and be grateful for everything that's awesome and where improvements can be made in your life. Writing is also one of those under-utilised skills that can add value to other areas in your life
One of the greatest ways you can spend that extra money you "make" will be with those you love

One of the greatest ways you can spend that extra money you "make" will be with those you love

Sure, we could have put another top 10 ways to make more money now post out there although that's why we're different here at Money Glee

What are your thoughts on "making" more money? 

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