Thought piece Thursday #56 - Is real "wealth" emotional, psychological and spiritual?

How are the Money Glee'ers out there? Recently finished reading the Tony Robbins new book Unshakeable and it had us reflecting upon the vision and purpose for this site. Sure while money and FIRE is important, there's got to be other basis behind why we as a community and group want to get there.

What other purposes are there then wealth?

We've alluded to these in our other posts although let's get specific on what Robbins refers to as the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of life:

Emotional and Psychological - When we talk about emotional, we'll incorporate psychological as the two are inter-related. Your emotional well-being involves and is affecting by things such as sleep, diet, fitness etc. While we're certainly not health and wellness professionals by neglecting these aspects of your life it is likely that you'll be reducing your lifespan and probably be unable to enjoy the quality of life someone healthier can. There's then the relationships you have with others and if you give yourself time to recuperate or are you always on the go? Consider these next time you decide to push yourself for an extended period of time. As they say health is wealth

Spiritual - While this does not have to be linked to religion, although that's okay if it is too, spirituality can involve being in tune with others and giving back to then maintain a solid and positive spirit. For some of us pushing for greater levels of wealth is driven by the desire to give more back. Consider that the easiest way to give more is to gain more by yourself for others. It's important though for you to look at your impact and legacy when accumulating wealth.

Remember that the goal posts don't always need to be about financial "wealth"

Remember that the goal posts don't always need to be about financial "wealth"

The purpose of this article then has been to illustrate the importance of looking at the non-financial areas of "wealth".

What are your thoughts on Unshakeable if you've read it?

What are your thoughts on the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of wealth? 

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